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  • Fotogalleriet 34B Møllergata Oslo, Oslo, 0179 Norway (map)

OPENING: 09.02.2017, 19:00

Then one thing led to another

The collective Gruppe 11 invites nine Norway-based artists/curators to consider their latest group exhibition. Collaborations and interventions hold this group together: the artists involved function as individuals, pairs, and a group to complete the project. 

With works by: Hedvig Biong in conversation with Pete Fleming, Elias Björn in conversation with Ragnhild Aamås, Eivind Egeland in conversation with Maria Lyngstad Willassen, Audar Kantun in conversation with Lina Norell, Carl-Oskar Linné in conversation with Allyce Wood, Marius Moldvær in conversation with Lewis & Taggart, Arne Pedersen in conversation with Karen Nikgol, Marthe Elise Stramrud in conversation with Gunnhild Torgersen, Ellen Henriette Suhrke in conversation with Kristine Dragland.
This exhibition is kindly supported by Oslo Kommune.

LIST OF WORKS (clockwise from the left)

Marius Moldvaer (with a minor intervention by Lewis & Taggart)
Untitled (Wall Hanging #4 with Sugar Twins), 2016-17
Felt, pine, unexposed film from two weeks in Australia, an unread copy of
Å Skrive, broken stone ring, two passport photos removed and replaced with packets of artificial sweetener found on Fogo Island, Canada
176 x 90 cm

Elias Björn, (with a minor intervention by Ragnhild Aamås)
It’s actually a quite wonderful experience, 2017
Text written in resonance to Bloodchild by Octavia Butler; performative reading during the opening in collaboration with Jasper Rasch Siverts
Two pages, duration of reading varies

Carl Oskar-Linné (with a minor intervention by Allyce Wood)
Safe-in Safe-out, 2017
Video, 17 min 44 sec

Arne Pedersen (with a minor intervention by Karen Nikgol)
Monolitt, 2017
Mixed media installation with framed works, LPs, sculpture

Installation of variable dimensions

Marthe Elise Stramrud (with a minor intervention by Gunnhild Torgersen)
Aquariums (no 2), 2017

Inkjet print on cotton paper, valchromat, glazed stoneware
Intallation of variable dimensions

Audar Kantun (with a minor intevention by Lina Norell)
En bunke koloritt, 2017
Watercolor on paper
29.5 x 42 cm

Hedvig Biong (with a minor intervention by Pete Fleming)
(A Travel to the world below) Granada, January 2017
, 2017

Five 29 x 27 x 4 boxes made of "sapeli" wood, bird nest
i. Portrait of Dominique with her shamanic drum, glass ambrotype 5 x 7 cm, two found feathers
ii. Broken Portrait, black glass ambrotype 5 x 7 cm, portrait of Pablo, ambrotype 4 x 5 cm
iii. The tenth claw from a Polar bear
iv. Earth samples from a closed down gold mine, 8 x 10 cm, opalotype from Sierra Nevada facing north from the descent of Mulhacen
v. An abandoned cave in the Sanctuario of San Torcuato, ambrotype 5 x 7 cm, found stone with hole from summer 2010
Installation of variable dimensions

Ellen Henriette Suhrke (with a minor intervention by Kristine Dragland)
Stone and Plastic, 2012
Video, 7 min 14 sec

Eivind Egeland (with a minor intervention by Maria Willassen)
Untitled, 2016
Ink-jet on cotton paper
110 x 152 cm

Gruppe 11_17.jpg
Later Event: February 24
Helle Siljeholm