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Geistė Kinčinaitytė

01.06.2017, 19:00


Geistė Kinčinaitytė 's exhibition at Fotogalleriet's Nordic Anthology project space presents an ongoing body of work, started in 2014. You Belong to Me emerged in the process of observing the increasingly intensifying intervention into extraterrestrial territories through technology and images. The project focuses on how the accumulation of visual data during interplanetary exploration missions forms an anthropocentric reality of Mars.

Kinčinaitytė juxtaposes the Martian landscapes captured by robotic eyes with her own photographs, initiating a dialogue between digital and analogue imagery, between images from different realities – thereby contrasting their origin. You Belong to Me analyzes the mesmerism of extraterrestrial images which prompt the viewer to perceive the distant and unfamiliar as close and recognizable. Inducing the urge to possess, the fantasies triggered by the scenes of an unvisited planet raise important questions about the future development of 'interplanetary photography', as well as their associated political aspects.

«Earth tries to engage Mars in a conversation, who stubbornly remains unresponsive. This relationship is ideally disembodied, so far possible only in the space of communication. The only physical manifestations of the humankind’s desire for Mars are probes and rovers, which send postcards of cosmic love – photographs, maps and samples – back to us. The distant planet becomes an unreachable and mute lover’s body whose speech we have to construct ourselves. And this is not altogether different from the situation of human love – at least when the love object is not online. Speaking of love letters, Barthes quotes Freud, who says that a love letter, just like desire, waits for and demands a reply; without the latter, one-way amorous communication becomes a space of erroneous notions, illusions and hallucinations.»
— Extract from I’m Your Another Planet, by Jurij Dobriakov & Joginte Bucinskaite.



You Belong to Me, 2014-ongoing

Giclée prints, vinyl print, video, cyanotype print, 40 x 40 mm slide
Installation of variable dimensions

You Belong to Me_Geiste M Kincinaityte_4_web.jpg
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