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Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen

31.08.2017, 19:00

야매 / Ya-mae

For their exhibition at Fotogalleriet's Nordic Anthology project space, Bobrikova & de Carmen will present a site- and context specific work. The artist duo rises metaphors from similarities between DIY technical reparations from the gallery space and tendencies in contemporary politics. The project's context is set by modern causes and consequences for global economic (un-)stability and the current macro-economy.

Bobrikova & De Carmen's installation name 야매 / Ya-mae derives from the Korean language.

The term is commonly used to describe the result of performing a work with a poor finish, for example with technical installations or reparation work. Commonly used, the term describes performing a work with a poor finish, for example in repairs and technical installations. Different kinds of 'ya-mae' are presented at Fotogalleriet's Nordic Anthology project space, showing artistic work that allows for diverse perceptions – proposing what can be identified as a wrongly executed work, as a disaster, a patch or a retouch. The concept and meaning of 'ya-mae' takes shape in the project by metaphorically relating it to politicians’ superficial and poor methods of “fixing” our socio-political environment, including fluctuations in the market economies. 야매 / Ya-mae proposes to visualize the cracks, errors and failures resulting from poor policy making, here particularly from within the European Union, USA and the Asia Pacific region that contributed the global economy's loss of stability.

야매 / Ya-mae is composed of five individual works, each one relating to specific historical events as they were made public by the media: 1. The threat of Brexit, with the work entitled ¨UK. 10.10.2015. Chatham House, London¨, 2. The dismissal of the President of the Republic of South Korea, Park Geun Hye, with the with the work entitled ¨South Korea. 12.04.2012. News Cheonji, Seoul¨, 3. The election of Donald Trump as US president, with the work entitled ¨USA. 13.10.2016. West Palm Beach, Florida", 4. The resignation of Matteo Renzi in 2016 as prime minister of Italy, with the work entitled ¨Italy. 12.03.2014. Ta1 News. Rome¨, 5. The devaluation of the Yuan, with the work entitled ¨China. 04.03.2014, CCTV America, Washington DC / Chicago¨. Each work is a juxtaposition of sound and image, which Bobrikova & De Carmen call a “sound-photograph”: the image is a documentation of a poorly executed action within the exhibition space; the sound is a concrete recording from a historical act that had an influence on macro economy and global policy-making.

Visitors are invited to draw similarities between the physical cracks and faults as presented in the photographs and the different political realities at play. Bobrikova & De Carmen's aesthetic approach to images relates to the seminal work Vegger (Walls) presented by Dag Alveng in 1979 at Fotogalleriet. Here Alveng exhibited photographs of the gallery's walls, thus working with the relationship between image and referent in the same space. In 야매 / Ya-mae the image is a mere copy of reality but at the same time proposes multiple realities. In 1979, Vegger was criticized for its minimalism, simplicity and tediousness: many critics did not accept seeing the walls as an aesthetic object, and did not appreciate the artistic experience of the work. 야매 / Ya-mae’s conceptual approach is common within the art world today, and is far from the fragile beginnings of conceptual photograph 야매 / Ya-mae builds a framework outside the gallery space and aims to expand beyond its site-specificity, thus creating a referent beyond the gallery’s walls.

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